Cypress was founded to simplify companies’ hiring efforts by combining an intimate knowledge of our customer’s technologies, environments, and processes while providing a superior level of customer service. From Fortune 100 companies to established startups, our clients rely on Cypress to fulfill their pressing contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent hiring needs. Whether the needs sit within R&D, engineering, information technology, Cypress understands our clients’ sense of urgency when budgets are created, deadlines are set, and talent is needed.

How Cypress Defines Success

Cypress recognizes that the pool of Candidates for Client Requisitions is a finite pool of talented individuals who have no contractual obligation or allegiance to work for one staffing organization or another. It is with the above in mind that Cypress strongly believes in the fact that our clients do not pay us for our people. Instead, we know that we are paid for our internal systems and controls that enables us to select top talent for any client requisition at any moment of the day for the agreed upon cost.

Right Person Right Time Right Cost

Serving our clients’ needs quickly both in terms of our responsiveness to client requests and in delivering our service is a critical component of how we view success with our clients.

How Cypress Measures Success

Cypress services our clients’ needs with quick and thorough responsiveness to every client request and by delivering the best customer service, which is a critical component to our company mission. Our success is measured using four key performance indicators:

1. Quality: measured by Submittal to Interview Ratio
Cypress prioritizes quality over quantity to ensure sure every candidate that is submitted is highly qualified specific to our client’s needs.

2. Speed: measured by Time to Fill Ratio
Cypress understands that time is of the essence when our customers have open positions to fill, so we approach every job with a sense of urgency.

3. Successful Placements: measured by Fill Ratio
Cypress assigns experienced industry-specific recruiters on each and every customer need in order to quickly fill the position with qualified talent.

4. Trusted Partnership: measured by Customer Satisfaction
Cypress always takes the time to understand the specific needs of our customers and emphasizes prompt, transparent and honest communication throughout the entire recruitment process.